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TMview expands to Chinese market


    The EUIPO's flagship search tool, TMview, has expanded to include trade mark data from the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), taking the total number of trade marks available in the tool from 62 million to over 90 million.EUIPO的旗舰搜索工具TMview已收录来自中国国家知识产权局的商标数据,现其收录的商标总数从6200万到现在已超过9000万个。

The inclusion of Chinese trade mark data in TMview brings a welcome increase in the transparency of the global trade mark system. About 32 million Chinese trade marks are now accessible for a free, multi-lingual search via the internet, as shown in the accompanying video.中国商标数据的加入使全球商标系统更为透明。如随附的视频所示,现在约有3200万个中国商标可以通过互联网进行免费的多语言搜索。


This is the full data set for currently valid Chinese trade marks and it represents an almost 50 % increase in data within TMview, which has been absorbed in a single step.
这是当前有效的中国商标的完整数据集,差不多等于了TMview 50%的总数据,这些数据被一步收录其中。


Information from 75 IP Offices, including all major economies in the world, are now available in the database tool, making it even more comprehensive.


This measure was agreed within the framework of the IP Key China project, an EU-funded project implemented by the EUIPO that promotes intellectual property rights in China and cooperates with local authorities.该措施是在IP Key中国项目框架内达成的,该项目是由EUIPO实施的欧盟资助项目,旨在促进中国的知识产权发展并与国家当局合作。

The Executive Director of the EUIPO, Christian Archambeau, expressed: ‘The go-live of Chinese trade mark data in the TMview international database is a huge step forward. It will help Chinese and European businesses, of all sizes, including the small and medium-sized enterprises who are increasingly tackling global markets. It's a great day for both transparency and international partnership in IP rights, and we look forward to continuing to work closely in the interest of right-holders and customers all over the world.'EUIPO执行董事Christian Archambeau表示:中国商标数据在TMview国际数据库中的上线是向前迈出的一大步。它将帮助各种规模的中国和欧洲企业,包括越来越多进入全球市场的中小企业。对于知识产权的透明度和国际合作而言,这是一个伟大的日子,我们期待着继续为世界各地的权利持有人和客户的利益而密切合作。


Chinese businesses are the largest source of applications for EU trade marks

It is worth noting that Chinese businesses are currently the largest source of applications for EU trade marks, having overtaken Germany and the United States in 2020.值得注意的是,中国企业目前是欧盟商标的最大申请来源,2020年已超过德国和美国。Better access to trade mark data is definitely a two-way street. While the EU is China's biggest trading partner, EU businesses are also keen to tackle the huge Chinese market, which is their second largest export market after the United States.更好地访问商标数据绝对是互利互惠的。欧盟是中国最大的贸易伙伴,欧盟企业也热衷于开拓巨大的中国市场,这是他们仅次于美国的第二大出口市场。

‘In 25 years, we've never seen anything like it'“25 年来,我们从未见过这样的事情对于商标申请的显著增加情况,EUIPO运营主管Karin Kuhl说道。The EUIPO, during its two and a half decades of existence, has become an EU agency with a truly global reach. It received its one millionth application in 2011, and has since then experienced a rapid growth in demand for the EU trade mark, from nearly every country and region in the world.EUIPO在其存在的两年半时间里,已成为真正具有全球影响力的欧盟机构。它在2011年收到了就第100万份申请,此后来自世界上几乎每个国家和地区对欧盟商标的需求更是快速增长。

EU trade mark applications have been on the rise for a number of years. While the EUIPO has been fully prepared to handle the historical annual growth of between 3.5 % to 5 %, today it is dealing with a much higher growth (10 % in 2020 and almost 28 % in the first four months of this year). We got in contact with Karin Kuhl, the EUIPO's Director of Operations, to find out what the driving force is behind this growth.多年来,欧盟商标申请一直呈上升趋势。虽然历史上,EUIPO能游刃有余地应对3.5%5%的商标数量年增长率,但今天它需要应对更高的增长率(2020年为10%,今年前四个月几乎为28%)。我们与EUIPO的运营主管Karin Kuhl取得了联系,以了解这种增长背后的驱动力。

‘Applications originating from China may be the educated guess that most people make,' says Karin, particularly considering President Xi's endorsement of the importance of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection. ‘But besides China, we've also seen a significant growth in filings this year from European countries, the United States and Japan. Online commerce is booming, and everyone who wants to sell on large platforms needs to show they have IP protection.' In the first three months of 2021 alone, the EUIPO received 10000 more trade mark applications when compared to the averages of previous years.“大多数人会猜测这种大量增长来源于中国,这是有根据的,”Karin说,特别是考虑到习主席对知识产权 (IPR) 保护重要性的认可。但除了中国,我们今年还看到来自欧洲国家、美国和日本的申请量显著增长。在线商务蓬勃发展,每个想在大平台上销售的人都需要证明他们有知识产权保护。仅在2021年前三个月,与往年平均水平相比,EUIPO就收到了10000 件商标申请。

‘We welcome this increase in workload as a positive sign of the attractiveness of the European market and trust in the EU trade mark system, and we are doing our utmost to meet this heightened demand without jeopardising quality, which is our number one concern', says Karin. Thanks to the special effort and professionalism of our examiners and the other EUIPO staff supporting operations, the service charter and quality indicators continue to be fulfilled despite the unprecedented growth. However, should the increase continue at the same pace in the coming weeks, a few delays may be unavoidable, especially when applications are subject to examination objections.“我们欢迎此类工作量的增加,这是欧洲市场有吸引力和对欧盟商标体系信任的积极信号,我们正在尽最大努力满足这种增加的需求,同时不影响工作质量,这是我们最关心的问题Karin说。由于我们的审查员和其他支持业务的EUIPO工作人员的努力和专业精神,尽管商标申请出现了前所未有的增长,但服务章程和质量指标仍在继续履行。然而,如果未来几周商标申请量继续以同样的速度增长,一些延迟可能是不可避免的,尤其是当申请收到驳回时。

With this in mind, Karin offers some practical advice for Key Users, indicating that for those applications where speed is important ‘Fast-track' and the HDB should be used. ‘This would avoid classification objections, which still represent the vast majority of deficiencies during the trade mark examination procedure'.考虑到这一点,Karin为关键用户提供了一些实用建议,指出对于那些在乎申请速度的申请人,可以通过快速通道申请HDB允许的产品。“这个可以避免产品驳回,要知道这仍然是商标审查程序中的绝大多数情况。”

As a result of this increase in EUTM filings, the EUIPO's operations do provide an additional boost to the EU economy. While further efficiency and automation initiatives are ongoing, these will not be sufficient to absorb this tremendous growth.由于EUTM申请的增加,EUIPO的运营确实为欧盟经济提供了额外的推动力。虽然进一步的增效和自动化举措正在进行,但这些将不足以吸收这种巨大的增长。

Therefore, a campaign to recruit additional IP professionals and trade mark examiners has been launched.‘It's fantastic that economies are picking up and we are ready to support you in your endeavour to protect your ideas and innovations. Thank you for your trust in us', she concluded.因此,已经启动了一项招募更多知识产权专业人员和商标审查员的活动。Karin总结:经济正在复苏,我们准备支持您保护您的想法和创新的努力。感谢您对我们的信任

China launches inquiry system for EU trademarks


China's National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) on Monday launched a registration-information inquiry system for trademarks registered in the European Union.中国国家知识产权局(CNIPA)周一启动了在欧盟注册的商标注册信息查询系统。


The system, named EUTMS, is the first official inquiry tool of international trademark information in China, and is capable of handling 100 active users simultaneously, according to Wang Peizhang, head of the administration's public service department.据政府公共服务部门负责人Wang Peizhang介绍:该系统名为EUTMS,是中国第一个官方的国际商标信息查询工具,可同时处理100个活跃用户。

The general public may search with keywords, such as trademark name, application number and applicant, to browse and download trademark information.公众可通过商标名称、申请号、申请人等关键词进行搜索,浏览、下载商标信息。

The system was developed following an agreement signed on Sept 25, 2020 on the mutual exchange of trade mark information between the CNIPA and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).该系统是在2020925日签署的关于CNIPA与欧盟知识产权局(EUIPO)之间商标信息相互交换的协议之后开发的。

By the end of March, the EUIPO had offered nearly 2 million pieces of trademark information to the CNIPA, and China had shared more than 31 million pieces of information to the TMview database of the EUIPO, said Wang at a press conference in Beijing.Wang在北京举行的新闻发布会上说:截至3月底,欧盟知识产权局向国家知识产权局提供了近200万条商标信息,中国向欧盟知识产权局TMview数据库共享了超过3100万条信息。

The NIPA will further optimize the functions of the EUTMS, striving to provide better and more efficient trademark information services, according to Wang.国家知识产权局将进一步优化EUTMS功能,努力提供更好、更高效的商标信息服务。